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Your Gig: Texas cattle rancher
Your Budget: $50K
Your Rig: Lincoln Mark LT
Lincoln was the first to realize that there might just be a market for a true luxury SUV with all-weather capability and the ability to pull a trailer. If it worked for the Navigator, why not a truck? The 2006 Lincoln LT will be the first full-size luxury pick-up available in the North American market. Unlike the short-lived Blackwood, the LT will offer real truck functionality, including available four-wheel-drive and a rated towing capacity of 8,900 pounds. And it has plenty of chrome, leather, and wood all around. This big beauty is offered only in crew cab with four full-size doors.

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Your Gig: Fine wine merchant
Your Budget: $60K
Your Rig: Jaguar S-Type R
With 390 supercharged horsepower underfoot, the 2005 Jaguar S-Type R sport sedan leaves bloody claw marks up and down the back of most sports cars. For a little perspective, even at 405 horses, the ultra-performance Z06 version of the Corvette barely over-rates the muscle-bound, four-seat Jag-you-are. This Jag sedan grabs hold of 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, and the sound of the Jag's belt-driven Eaton supercharger spooling up and force-feeding air to the 4.2 liter V-8 when you put your foot down hard is an uncommon treat. For '05, the S-Type gets a major cosmetic redo, while retaining the retro styling cues of the original model, including the raked grille and cat's-eye headlights that make it so visually distinctive. Another neat feature (and Jaguar exclusive) is an electronic parking brake. No more pulling levers or depressing pedals - just tap a button for on and off. Cravat optional.

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Your Gig: Wall Street stockbroker
Your Budget: $75K