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Your Gig: Detroit-area marketing manager
Your Budget: $32K
Your Rig: Pontiac GTO
If you live and work in the Motor City, a BMW or Acura just won't do. But a new GTO - hey, that's more like it. And unlike the original '64 GTO, a steroid-addled muscle machine designed mainly for teenage boys, the 2004 "goat" is more of an executive special like the 1969-'72 Grand Prix SSJ that GTO "father" John Z. DeLorean actually preferred over the car he's praised for helping to develop. No over-the-top hood tachs, huge wings on the trunk, or lurid "The Judge" prismatic decals on the fender this time. Just the quiet potency of a Corvette-derived V8 belting out 350 horsepower. Fitted out with leather sport buckets, brushed aluminum trim, and a kicking Blaupunkt audio system, the reborn GTO coupe is perfect for cruising Woodward Avenue looking for prey, but doesn't mark you as a 35-year-old juvenile delinquent in the eyes of The Law - or your clients.

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Your Gig: Environmental lobbyist
Your Budget: $35K
Your Rig: Lexus RX 400h hybrid
Now you can save the planet without having to drive to the office in an underpowered, silly-looking clown car. The 2005 RX 400h is the first of a new generation of hybrid vehicles that doesn't force its owner to sacrifice performance, style, or capability in order to get excellent fuel economy and low emissions. Equipped with a "hybrid-synergy" 230-horsepower V6, it has the power and torque of a V8-powered SUV while managing about 30 to 35 mpg on the highway. It can also clock to 60 mph in about 7 seconds - which is as quick as a BMW Z4 2.8.

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Your Gig: Bank exec
Your Budget: $45K