Electric Fuel Instant Power Charger ($19.95)
First come the beeps, then the disconnect — oops, another cell phone battery bites the dust. No worries — this clever portable charger can bring you back up on the spot. Just connect the 3-ounce cartridge to your cellular’s charge port and in minutes there’s juice aplenty to reach out again. After an hour, your battery is back at full power, with two more “rescues” in reserve. It works on PDAs, too, saving even the most forgetful techie a totally bad hair day. Replacement packs, $9.95 each. (888) 996-4440
Toshiba 2GB Type II PC Card Hard drive ($459)
Anyone facing a megaroadshow with lots of data files should be fast friends with this memory-rich card, which eliminates the baggage burden of carrying CDs, diskettes, cables, or an external hard drive. Download what you need, and then back up extra files at a speedy transfer rate of up to 20 Mbs. Sensitive documents can be carted from one presentation to the next, then easily removed and locked away after hours for maximum security. www.shoptoshiba.com
Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse ($49.95)
Love your laptop but loathe working the cursor on a teeny touch pad? Tote this portable pointer for smooth, precise maneuvering on almost any surface: tray tables, countertops, even your notebook’s own palm rest. The wireless, optical technol-ogy gets you where you want to go on-screen from 3 feet away, minus the sticky mouse ball. (888) 889-9990