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A roundup of the latest and greatest in travel technology.

Sony GPS-CS1KA image tracker, $150
In this GPS-guided world, it’s almost impossible to wander off the beaten path. Sony’s GPS-CS1KA device synchronizes with your digital camera or camcorder, and using latitude, longitude, and time readings, it produces a virtual map that shows exactly where you took each photo or video. Whether you’re backpacking in Utah or exploring your new neighborhood, this gadget helps keep the record straight. www.sonystyle.com

Meridian F80 home entertainment system, $3,000
Competitors are cringing as Meridian Audio brings its revered name to the portable market with the small but powerful F80 — the best marriage of convenience and quality sound to date. The F80 (one of several products that have been developed under a joint collaboration between Meridian and automaker Ferrari) plays CDs, DVDs, and AM/FM radio, and it can also connect to your iPod. A robust subwoofer at the rear of the unit delivers those all-important bass notes. www.thef80.com

Toshiba Qosmio G45-AV680 Notebook, $3,199
Surround-sound technology, 1080-pixel playback resolution, and a high-definition DVD-R optical drive — a few years ago, you’d have needed your own media room for all of that. Now those features and many more make Toshiba’s newest laptop a tip-top device. And with the HD DVD drive (the first on a U.S. notebook), you can burn up to 30 GB of video, photos, and music onto a single disc. www.toshibadirect.com

StarTech Wi-Fi Detective, $75
We await the nirvana that will come when wireless networks cover entire cities, but until then, the Wi-Fi Detective, which can quickly find wireless hot spots, is a great solution for those must-connect-now moments. The LCD screen provides the name and signal of each spot, and — bless you, StarTech — the battery automatically recharges whenever the device is connected to a USB port. www.startech.com

Logitech Kinetik 15.4 Backpack, $100
When you need to tote that Toshiba — or another laptop — opt for style and security with this innovative case from Logitech. The exoshell casing shields the computer from bumps and bangs, and the contoured back panel goes easy on your personal architecture. www.logitech.com

Spot Satellite Messenger; $150, plus service fees
You’ll never be out of touch, even when you’re beyond the range of cellular coverage, if you have this ingenious little device. Emergency responders can track you with GPS should you go missing, you can send a help message to friends when assistance is needed, and the nifty Check In function lets worried loved ones know that you made it safely to your destination. “Lost?” the kids of tomorrow will ask. “How did people ever get lost?” www.findmespot.com