"After a late Saturday night, no sit-down breakfast for me! It's off to Second Cup, a great coffee place, for some croissants and fresh juice (since I don't drink coffee). Then it's time to chill out and invite people over to the King Eddy so I can spin some of the new wax I got at Play de Record. I just bought a new pair of turntables from Numark, and on a Sunday in Toronto, I would set them up and spin all day."

"Niagara Falls is about an hour's drive from Toronto. In just a short drive, you can also be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be in the country-side or the complete wilderness with the forests and the trees. Even though I'm from New York and I love a big city, it's nice to get away and have a place to meditate, and what could be better than having both the beautiful countryside and Niagara Falls?"


"Earlier this year, I hosted a series of parties across North America to promote the release of Blade II. In Toronto, the event was held at the Kool Haus, a massive club in a warehouse. Although I had two deejays touring with us to spin at the parties, I also took the opportunity to spin. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being on stage with thousands of people at the mercy of your own musical tastes. I was nervous, but the rush I got from the crowd dancing to my beats was truly bananas! Imagine having complete control of the crowd's mood on the dance floor, whether it be a slow hip-hop track or a really funky house beat. I played it all. In Toronto, they are very educated about their music. That's why I love deejaying. It's different than doing films. In film, the rewards are in the future; in deejaying, the gratification is instantaneous."