"The Roots flagship store is on Bloor Street near Yorkville, where there's some other great shopping. In Toronto, you have to be prepared for blistering sun or the freezing cold, so you should always have your Roots gear on-hand. Roots has everything from leathers to athletic sportswear/leisurewear. They also have Roots Kids and Baby Roots. Roots outfitted the U.S. and Canadian Olympic teams and contributed clothes and boots for a few of my flicks. I'm a deejay and I love to spin, so the other shops that are significant to me are record shops, namely Play de Record. I buy my vinyl in Toronto because they have a lot of imports you can't get anywhere else in North America. My taste in music is so diverse, and I know that Play de Record will have anything I can't get in the States. All of the staff at this store knows their music."

"A great Saturday lunch is Dhaba, one of the city's top-10 restaurants. It's a villagelike Indian restaurant where they cook a lot of their meats, poultry, and fish in tandoori ovens. They have really good vegetable samosas, garlic naan, aloo gobhi, and paneer. The vegetarian biryani is my favorite, with chicken korma. Sushi Bistro is the hip sushi joint. It's decorated with lots of bold colors, but still has that Japanese touch. They have an intricate mix of appetizers, everything from grilled chicken teriyaki sushi rolls to grilled freshwater eel over rice. The main entrees, from teriyakis and tempuras, are always fresh and delicious."