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Brushing your teeth can only do so much to keep your smile glowing. Fortunately, dozens of companies are offering new tooth-whitening systems that are polishing like never before. Here are a few that should keep your ivories twinkling.

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1 / Supersmile Intelligent Smile Care
A favorite at American Way, this system uses a proprietary form of calcium peroxide that dissolves stain-attracting proteins without dehydrating teeth or relying on harsh abrasives. New to the line are two delicious toothpaste flavors — icy mint and cinnamon ($21 each) — and the Advanced Sonic Pulse electric toothbrush ($99). www.supersmile.com

2 / Icing 30 Carats by Bling Dental
The name of this product isn’t the only thing that shines. Icing 30 Carats promises to make teeth several shades whiter in less than 90 minutes. Its contoured trays are filled with a gel that contains a high concentration of carbamide peroxide to make your teeth glow without increasing sensitivity. $169, www.icingteethwhitening.com

3 / 3D White
Crest and Oral-B have teamed up to offer affordable Whitestrips, mouth rinse, paste and brushes that work together for maximum brightening. The multiple options in the collection allow users to easily choose the ideal combination of products for them based on their desired level of whitening, effort and price, and results are visible in just one day. $3 to $50, www.3dwhite.com

4 / Hollywood Smiles Teeth-Whitening System by Viatek
Relying on the same methods used by many dentists, Hollywood Smiles offers movie-star teeth for those on an extra’s budget. The kit uses a gel and a plasma lighting tool to make teeth four shades whiter in less than an hour. $40, www.viatekproducts.com

5 / Luster’s Weekend Tooth-Whitening System
Includes a mouthwash and whitening gel ($20 for the set) that need to be used twice a day for three days to obtain dramatic results without pain. Luster also offers a one-hour system ($40) that relies on gel and a whitening light (similar to the technology used in dental offices) that stimulates active ingredients in the gel. www.lusterpremiumwhite.com