If you’ve seen every Sopranos episode and can quote The Godfather line for line, then Jerry Capeci’s new book, Wiseguys Say The Darndest Things: The Quotable Mafia (Alpha Books, Penguin Group USA) is the book for you. Sometimes humorous, sometimes chilling, the always-interesting 700-plus quotations from actual mobsters, acquaintances, and law enforcement officers serve as a reminder that Tony Soprano’s character isn’t that far from reality. Test your mafia knowledge by matching the quotes with who said what.

1 - “I never did anything ruthless besides, well, I would kill people. But that’s our life.”

2 - “I don’t know who shot me. It was somebody that didn’t like me, I guess.”

3 - “Go ahead, I want him dead. Yeah, I feel sad. But that’s what he gets for being dumb.”

4 - “Just tell that rat [Abe] Reles I’ll be waiting for him. Maybe it’ll be in hell; I don’t know. But I’ll be waiting. And I bet I got a pitchfork.”

5 - “You got to remember, I was just getting over that bullet in the head, and I wasn’t thinking too clearly.”

1. Turncoat Philadelphia underboss Philip Leonetti
2. Dutch Schultz
3. John Gotti
4. Bugsy Siegel, to newspaper reporters after being sentenced to death
5. Joseph Valachi, on why he made a dumb move that led cops to his door after a robbery