American Way: How do you like to wrap up your weekend?
Brady: My ideal Sunday would be playing golf in the afternoon, having a nice drink over at the TPC, visiting a bookstore to pick up some magazines, check out the new books, and sit down there for an hour. Then calling up one of my sisters and meeting her down at the wharf at Siros, having a nice dinner, coming back and watching The Sopranos, which I've taped on TiVo, and then sitting back in my big chair. That's all I need.
- The 19th Hole -
On the links with Tom Brady.

American Way: Your dad got you into golf, right?
< b>Brady: He took me out to play in a father/son tournament in northern California when I was two. It's a great hobby of his. In seminary school in Chicago, he and a few friends actually built a hole beside their school. They did all the groundskeeping and used to play it over and over. I try to fit golf in wherever I can. If you can't get to the course, you've got to get to the range and practice.

American Way: How do East Coast and West Coast courses compare, and what makes for a good course in your opinion?
Brady: I've played a lot of West Coast golf, including Pebble Beach several times. On the West Coast, of the courses that I played growing up and am familiar with, they tend to be more mountainous than the courses I've played on the East Coast, which have been flatter and tighter. Basically, I like challenging, straightforward courses that are unique, but where you're rewarded for good shots. I hate courses where you hit a good drive but you end up in the rough or a sand trap. I feel if you hit the ball well and straight, you should have a nice approach to the green. Some newer courses have crazy designs that take a lot of fun out of it. It's hard enough to hit the ball where you want to hit it. St. Andrews is like that, too. It's fabulous, but it's very tricky.