Louie's is great for steak. They have a fabulous porterhouse, a big piece of meat that's awesome with a Cabernet. It's got a wonderful setting - a lot of wood, a little bit darker, kind of regal in there. They have big, high booths that you can sink into and hide away a little. I also like the Blue Ginger for Asian-American. I recommend the black-crusted lobster. It's making my mouth water just talking about it.

I was at No. 9 Park for the first time earlier this year. It's French, and I recommend the chef's tasting menu. I had about nine dishes, really tasty, and I'll be back there plenty of times. Any time you have multiple courses, it's very challenging to your palate, but fun to do. Mistral is French-Mediterranean. I had a killer appetizer there, a filet mignon pizza. Their calamari is excellent. A great restaurant.

American Way: Where are some good places to go after dinner?
Brady: My favorite place to hang out before or after dinner for a few drinks is News, a lounge/bar. It's a younger crowd, anywhere from 20 to 40. They have a lot of comfortable couches set in a New York City type of lounge. The music is always great. And excellent food, too. Then there are two places in the Park Plaza. A cool dessert bar called Finale. Yes, I like dessert, crème brûlée or anything that involves chocolate helps keep a smile on my face. The other is Whiskey Park, another fun bar with a good vibe. What makes a good vibe? You can't feel crowded. The furniture is a big part of it - comfortable, cool couches. The decor has to be warm and enticing so that it makes you want to stay awhile. And it's got to have great music - rock, blues, hip-hop, electronic music, whatever. I do like dancing. You know the ladies, they always like to dance, but it usually takes us guys a couple [of drinks] to get going.

American Way: What are some romantic hotels in Boston?