Brady: People-watching is anywhere on Newbury, with its great cafes. There's a place called Stephanie's, a great lunch place with a cool sidewalk. Armani Cafe is a little trendy but has good food. Sonsie is a personal favorite of mine. And Ciao Bella is very much like being at a Paris brasserie, where you sit outside, drink coffee, and everyone faces the street to enjoy the other people walking by. Walking along the Charles River is nice, too, and Cambridge Square is a fun area.

American Way: There's a line from an old song, "Take It Slow (Out In The Country)," by Lighthouse, that goes, "Sitting here doing nothing keeps me busy all day."
Brady: I like that because I love kicking back. I enjoy the Boston Common for that - there's nothing like a park in the middle of the city. New York's Central Park is like that. And then I was over in Hyde Park in London, watching all the different people, the guys in bowler hats. The Common is kids in strollers, people walking the dog and playing Frisbee or roller skating, yet you hear cars going by and you know you're in a city setting. But you realize you can sit and read a book or walk a few hundred yards and be at a cool restaurant.
American Way: Where do you like to shop?
Brady: The Zegna store is where I usually get my suits, but they also have great sporty and golf stuff. There's a Saks Fifth Avenue in Copley. Being an athlete, I'm always peeking my head into Niketown, seeing what new things they have. Louis Boston is another really popular store, but Zegna is definitely my favorite.

American Way: What are some of your favorite restaurants for dinner?
Brady: I could talk food all day. I love good food. My favorite is Il Panino on Franklin. The veal chop is to die for. Their mushroom risotto is off the charts. Abe &