Rob Shanahan

Fifteen years ago, following five studio albums and several hit singles, TOAD THE WET SPROCKET called it quits. Though the rock quartet from Santa Barbara, Calif., has played together off and on since the split, the original lineup officially returns this month with the record New Constellation (Abe’s Records, $14). To celebrate the release, frontman Glen Phillips (pictured, second from left) reflects on some of the group’s albums and picks a standout track from each.

Bread and Circus (1989)
“Our friend Brad Nack needed a backup band for a couple songs, and our payment was to record two songs of our own. We liked the sound, so we recorded eight more and walked out with our first record. It cost $650 to make. I was 17 at the time.”
Song: “Way Away”

Dulcinea (1994)
“We recorded Dulcinea in the hills of San Rafael, Calif. It felt like our first album as something close to adults. We were writing better songs, playing well as a group — it’s my favorite record of ours.”
Song: “Inside”

Coil (1997)
“Our craft was getting better, but the tensions within the band were pretty high. We recorded Coil in L.A., at our practice space at [guitarist] Todd Nichols’ house.”
Song: “Dam Would Break”

New Constellation (2013)
“We didn’t want to make a record unless we thought we could raise our game, but once the songs started coming together, we were all pretty excited. Five years ago, I would’ve said this wasn’t possible. But I’m pleased and proud that we managed to get back together and come out stronger than when we left.”
Song: “The Moment”