Everyone’s gaga for minis these days. Not to be outdone, these tiny travel gadgets get noticed.

OLYMPUS C-740 and C-750 The world’s smallest digital cameras are as powerful and versatile as competitors twice their size. They come with optical zoom and manual and automatic controls — all right there in the palm of your hand. $499 and $599. (800) 622-6372,

MSR MIOX PURIFIER This magic-marker-size water purifier by Mountain Safety Research will give you peace of mind — and keep your whistle wet — no matter where you roam. It eliminates common water pathogens such as E. coli, giardia, and other tidbits you’d rather not drink. $130. (800) 531-9531,

GLOBAL ATOMIC TRAVEL ALARM This four-ounce travel clock relies on atomic time transmitters and is accurate to within a second for a million years — even if you just need to wake up for your next business meeting. It comes with backlighting and a snooze function. Available through Magellan’s travel supplies. $40. (800) 962-4943,