"Seattle is hilly. So if you're walking from the water crosstown, you're going up a hill. It is a tiring city when you try to walk around it. But they've got great public transportation. I think they actually have non-polluting electric buses. But the kids love the monorail. It takes you out from downtown to the Needle and the other side of town. It's fast, quick, and relatively quiet."

"I like a little place called Zig Zag. It's Mediterranean food, and it's really good. It's on 'the Climb,' the stairway that leads to the Pike Place Market. Very unassuming and unpretentious. As far as decor, it's like a lot of places in Seattle. I couldn't describe what's on the walls because it's not that kind of place. It's not like you walk into a restaurant and it's been designed to be remembered. Just good food."

"Pike Place Market is the most famous. There are so many things sold there: produce, clothing, antiques, crafts, and, of course, fresh seafood. It's right on the water. It's an interesting ambience. Seattle also has good secondhand shops. The best furniture and accessories shop would be Pearl. For musical instruments, there's Emerald City Guitars, Dusty Strings Company, and Jukebox City. Seattle is a great town to buy music. My favorite is Easy Street Records, which has a cafe/coffee bar where you can have a bite. Then there's a really great independent bookstore, Elliott Bay Book Company. It's one of those places where I could stay for hours."

"There's a lot of music festivals up there. The best, biggest, and most diverse is an arts and music festival called Bumbershoot, which takes place every Labor Day week- end. Bumbershoot is spread over the entire 70-something-acre Seattle Center, and features hundreds of performances on more than a dozen stages."