"The Queen City Grill has great seafood and a huge wine selection. That's in Belltown, which has a lot of excellent restaurants. You're going to get seafood in pretty much every restaurant in Seattle, because it's right on the water, the Puget Sound. But the Queen City Grill does it best."

"Showbox is probably the best place. There's no seating; it's just the place you go to hear bands. Crocodile is known for great 'secret' shows, someone showing up and playing unannounced. It's local rock-and-roll. I-Spy/Nation is another club that's good, although I'm not sure how to describe the crowd. I'm usually looking at the band, not
the crowd."


"Most Seattleites don't carry umbrellas with them. That's how you pick out the visitors. People with umbrellas are generally tourists. Seattleites wear practical rainwear."

"Cat's Eye in west Seattle makes everything fresh. It's a neighborhood place that's decorated with cat paraphernalia. Many people argue that Patty's Eggnest in Wallingford is the best breakfast anywhere. The best coffee in town is at Vivace. There are two of them on Capitol Hill. It's just a good cup of coffee; you know it when you sip it."

"There's the Space Needle, of course. If there's not a line, go for the view. But you don't really have to go up there to see Seattle. There are mountains pretty much everywhere, so there are spectacular views wherever you are. I did the Space Needle with my kids. We also did the Pacific Science Center, which is a hands-on museum. There are things that you play with and scientific experiments. Also, the underground tour at Pioneer Square is pretty cool. You walk through underground old-time Seattle, vacant since the turn of the century, and learn all about the city's past."