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Twenty-five years ago this month, audiences met a trio of avowed bachelors forced to raise an abandoned infant and do a little growing up themselves in Leonard Nimoy’s Three Men and a Baby. Starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, the film went on to gross $167 million domestically, becoming one of 1987’s biggest hits. In addition to its trifecta of marquee names, the movie also marked the big-screen debut of actress Nancy Travis, who shares a memory from the set.

“We had twin babies playing Mary. The kids are so valuable to the movie. And when they’re really small, you have to work really hard to catch them when they’re awake and when they’re in a good mood, when they’re between feedings, all these things. It was my first movie, and I just marveled at how well those little babies were treated on the set. Their people had people, and they got a bigger trailer than me. I thought I got a smaller trailer because it was my first movie. Then I realized, it’s probably their first movie too! [Laughs] Everybody loved taking care of those babies. They were so amazing.”