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Billboards The old-fashioned ­billboard is alive and well. It's a $5.2 billion business in the U.S.

Buildings Sponsors vie for naming rights. Huge murals - sometimes electronic, sometimes not - feature sports stars and other celebs pitching products.

Loiterers Think that cool-looking guy is just hanging at the corner? Nope, he's attracting your attention to a newly launched cellphone.

Bus Benches and Kiosks A dose of the latest movies, music, and fashion while you're waiting to get home from work.

Elevators LCD video panels in office buildings push your buttons with weather, sports scores - and ads.

Public Restrooms LCD video ­panels show demographically targeted ads: cosmetics in the ladies' room and SUVs in the men's room.

Airplanes The sky's the limit for ads in skywriting and banners. Inside commercial aircraft, check your tray tables, Sky Mall, duty free, and video infotainment for plenty of ads.

Blimps They light up the night sky with things to watch or buy.

Buses and Subways An advertiser extravaganza, with posters on the back, ads wrapping the sides, and cards and posters inside.

Taxis Some plaster print ads for shows and movies on the back of the car and inside, but the higher-tech models boast LCD video displays screening multimedia ads and infotainment.

Automobiles Ads on vehicles might not paint a pretty picture, but it's a trend that's gathering speed.

Banners Hanging above streets or from buildings, they often promote civic and charity events.

Fliers on Electrical Poles The spam of the physical world beckons with everything from yard sales to "get rich" schemes.

Phones and PDAs Go online on the run, and ads scroll the screen. Venture within an advertiser's radius, and you'll get messages.

Billboard Trucks These moving "billboards" hawk the latest film or music CD.

Cinema Ads and coupons on ticket stubs, an infotainment video before the film rolls, then bona fide commercials on the screen - all before the trailers begin. Not to mention the promotions in the lobby.