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Appliances From your fridge to your faucet, there's probably a nameplate to remind you of the brand.

Television It's called commercial television for a reason. And the average 16 to 21 minutes of advertising per hour doesn't include infomercials, product placements in shows, and ad bugs and virtual ads superimposed on the screen.

DVDs Besides all the previews, some now treat you to commercials that you cannot skip.

Product Packaging Cereal, cosmetics, DVDs, toys, et al, ad infinitum. Open them and ads and coupons drop into your lap. Just glance at the box and you'll see more ads - it's not just sweepstakes entries anymore, either.

Radio Stations pump up the volume to the tune of 10 to 20 minutes of advertising per hour.

Computer and the Internet The bold new frontier of advertising. Banners, pop-ups, spam, featured placements in search engines, even video streaming while you're trying to read the morning news.

School Backpacks Companies want your kids, too: promotions, candy, flyers, and sponsored products.

Mailbox Enough junk mail and fliers to buckle a burro.

Telephone If it's dinnertime, it's a telemarketer. While you're on hold, your bank or favorite retailer pipes ads into your ear.

Magazines and Newspapers All the ads fit
to print.

Dry Cleaning Ads on hangers and the plastic covering will take you to
the cleaners.