• Image about Captive Advertising

Shopping Carts The flip-down plastic seats and plastic panels on the cart pitch products.

Floor Decals Manufacturers try to stay a step ahead with temporary floor decals.

Plastic Dividers Call it a divide-and-conquer approach. At the checkout you can separate your products from the customer ahead and view a small ad.

In-Store Audio A private radio network pipes in current promotions and "specials."

LCD Video Displays/Registers at Checkout While you wait for your total, you can view the store's own TV network, redolent with ads and infomercials. No TV? Check the LCD register for scrolling product promotions.

Shelf Coupons Dispensers offer discounts right where the products live.

Mini-Billboards Banks, real estate agencies, and more will lure you with small billboards near the exit.

Drink Cups Printed with ads for products and promotions, some even include promotional music or computer CDs on top of megacups.

In-store Infotainment Videos Pause to learn about a food processor or set of tools that (surprise!) happens to be available down the aisle.

Receipts Flip over your receipt for coupons and special offers; at some stores they're customized to your buying habits.

Shopping Bags Paper or plastic? Both feature ads and promotions, not just the store's logo anymore.