In the 1960s, bands released a new album every 10 months. Today, acts often dillydally for 10 years between discs. A long-delayed CD from D’Angelo, for instance, is reportedly “97 percent finished,” yet here we are, still marking time after 13 years. As the wait continues, we look back at some of rock’s most famous laggards.

No Doubt
11 years between Rock Steady (2001) and Push and Shove (2012) 
Why? Gwen Stefani was busy starting a family and launching clothing lines. 
Worth the Wait? Yes. Gwen’s solo CDs were fine, but she needs No Doubt to put the fizz in her ska-pop.

Van Halen
14 years between Van Halen III (1998) and A Different Kind of Truth (2012)
Why? It took that long to erase the memory of singer Gary Cherone.
Worth the Wait? Yes. Clown prince David Lee Roth adds cred to Eddie Van Halen’s shred.

Guns N' Roses
15 years between The Spaghetti Incident (1993) and Chinese Democracy (2008)
Why? Axl Rose was busy grooming his cornrows.
Worth the Wait? Not really. Axl without Slash is like Beavis without Butt-head.

The Who
24 years between It’s Hard (1982) and Endless Wire (2006)
Why? Ever since the deadly Spinal Tap “drummer curse,” nobody was brave enough to replace Keith Moon.
Worth the Wait? Sorta. Endless Wire is no Who’s Next, but at least there’s no “Squeeze Box” on it.

The Eagles
The Long Run (1979) and Long Road Out of Eden (2007)
Why? Apparently The Dude from The Big Lebowski wasn’t the only one sick of “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”
Worth the Wait? Sorta. It’s no Hotel California, but at least there’s no “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks” on it.