Move over, smartphones. When it comes to telling time, wristwatches have made a triumphant return.

These days, it’s simply about finding yourself the right ticker to showcase. Thankfully, Mulco Watches offers 10 lines of
analog, unisex styles sure to suit any personality. Though the brand originated in Switzerland in 1958, a core group of designers and watch technicians has reimagined Mulco for the millennium, combining dynamic colors with textured materials (think steel, rubber, aluminum, ceramic and silicon) to create wearable works of art that are also functional.
Collections include Fondo, a fun range of hues including deep purple, vibrant ­yellow and blue — perfect for a casual weekend — and Nuit, which offers a bolder look.

Captivated by Formula One races? Check out Mulco’s selection of Prix timepieces. Or, for conveying stark sophistication, the leather-strapped Citta is ideal. While most of the watches feature Swiss chronographs, they all have one thing in common: They make time look good.

From $225,