Catch a foul ball at Fenway Park and take part in a showcase showdown on The Price Is Right — before it’s too late.

Some places have the ability to stand the test of time, seemingly impervious to style shifts, neighborhood trends and economic hiccups. But despite these institutions’ ability to go the distance, we know nothing lasts forever (see: CBGB, Match Game and Tavern on the Green). The following five iconic experiences haven’t gone the way of Comiskey Park yet, but it’s a good idea to cross them off your bucket list before they do.

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Fenway Park, Boston
David Madison/getty images
Major League Baseball’s oldest operating stadium has broken consecutive-sellout records, overcome World Series curses and narrowly dodged the wrecking ball that took out Comiskey Park, Tiger Stadium and other “immortal” fields. For fans who haven’t yet paid a visit to the hallowed home of the Boston Red Sox, this is the season to do it: Built in 1912 (for a whopping $650,000), Fenway turns 100 this year — its official birthday marked April 20 with a game against the New York Yankees.

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Joe's Stone Crab, Miami Beach, Fla.
courtesy joe’s stone crab
JOE’S STONE CRAB Miami Beach, Fla.
Ninety-nine years ago it was a makeshift lunch stand serving the best fish sandwich and Hungarian slaw on the far side of some newly named, mangrove-infested, South Florida backwater called Miami Beach. Today, South Beach’s most venerable seafood institution still reels in digni?taries, celebs, athletes and regular Joes desiring the signature stone crabs, crispy hash browns and homemade key lime pie. As reservations aren’t accepted, avoid long dinner lines by opting for Joe’s Take Away next door. Get here before stone crab season ends on May 15.

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McSorley's Old Ale House, New York
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Back in the 1940s, when Life magazine made this East Village saloon famous with a photo essay, the place was already pushing 90. Now 158 years young, the granddaddy of Irish pubs (aka the oldest continuously operated bar in New York City, having survived even Prohibition) doesn’t look a day over 150. The beer selection consists of two house-brand ales and nothing more. The evolving guest list has included Abe Lincoln, John Lennon and generations of Irish workingmen. The website is unofficial, with the wrong phone number listed. And the right number — (212) 473-9148 — is a pay phone that, with any luck, a customer will answer.

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The Price is Right, Los Angeles
Cliff Lipson/CBS
Now in its 40th season, The Price Is Right isn’t just the nation’s longest-running game show, it’s also its most iconic and beloved. Sure, the retirement of legendary host Bob Barker five years ago had us worried, but the Big Wheel, Plinko and the Yodeling Guy from Cliffhangers are still going strong with current headman Drew Carey. Shows tape year-round (two episodes a day, Monday through Wednesday, three weeks out of four) at CBS Television City, and contestant hopefuls can book tickets online up to 10 weeks in advance. What’s your chance of being picked from the 300-person audience? One in 33. So brush up on your actual retail prices, bedazzle a T-shirt and “Come on down!”

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Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
courtesy Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
Vegas sold its first 50-cent shrimp cocktail at this relic at One Fremont St. (the address pretty much says it all), which dates back to 1906. Millions of tangy crustaceans later, the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino defiantly stands — no small feat in the hotel-implosion capital of the world — having evolved with the times while preserving its centenarian-ish vibe. A hundred years ago, a room here would’ve set you back a buck. Prices have adjusted, but not all that much for shrimp cocktail, which will run you just a cool $1.99 now and, hopefully, forever.