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The birth of your first child can make it difficult to stay eco-friendly. The number of disposable diapers and wipes that you could go through is mind-boggling. Faced with this quandary, actress and mother Jessica Alba partnered with Brian Lee, Sean Kane and Christopher Gavigan to form The Honest Company. Keeping children’s well-being in mind, the company creates nontoxic, eco-friendly baby-care essentials (including diapers, wipes, skin-care products and home-cleaning goods) that promote a healthy life as well as a sustainable future. The products are available by monthly subscription and are delivered directly to your home. The first shipment includes a collection of items, and subscribers can choose which products they want to receive in future shipments. The company gives back, too, donating a percentage of its profits to the Los Angeles charity Baby2Baby, which provides supplies to needy families with small children.

A seven-day trial kit with nontoxic, eco-friendly essentials is available for free; subscriptions from $40. View Website