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According to actor Giancarlo Esposito, the key to portraying indelible bad guys is honesty. “Good and bad lies in every one of us,” says the 54-year-old actor. “We need to be honest about the darkness and the light.”

Of course, in the world of NBC’s smash hit Revolution, in which Earth has endured a mysterious 15-year blackout, the only light to be found radiates from the sun above and from the occasional heroism of its band of rebels who clash against Esposito’s militant Captain Tom Neville. While Esposito — an avid yogi, runner and outdoorsman — doesn’t fear such a return to Luddite values, he admits he’d miss a few things should the power suddenly go out. With Revolution set to return this month, Esposito spills about the modern-day creature comforts that would be toughest for him to do without:

John Domoney/NBC
“More and more, I like to leave my cellphone places and not retrieve it for a while, so I’m not a slave to technology. But if I really needed it and it was not available, I’m sure I would miss it.”

Washing machine
“I do yoga every day, so I’m constantly sweating and then doing laundry. I wash a lot of clothes by hand, because I am very conservation-minded, but I was just thinking last week, ‘This stackable washer and dryer is a really great thing.’ ”

“I’m an avid camper, and I can build a fire quickly, but having regular access to fire and heat for cooking and to reduce exposure to the elements would be, to my mind, quite vital.”