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Recently, I stumbled innocently (and half asleep) into our weekly Tuesday-morning production meeting. The first order of business? Find a topic for Sherri to write about in the Editor’s Note. Apparently, dreaming up a new and witty topic every two weeks is harder than it seems -- although Sherri’s managed to hide it well for the past five years. (Unfortunately, her BlackBerry met an untimely demise when it drowned at a photo shoot several months ago, and Sherri’s been at a bit of a loss for words ever since.)

So, on this particular morning, Sherri was offering $5 to the person who could come up with a new (and brilliant) topic for her. Now, I’m not sure why I spoke up (maybe it was the $5, maybe it was that I wasn’t fully awake), but I said, “Ooh, purses. You should totally write about purses.”

This was uttered jokingly, of course, as I am the staff member who’s constantly (but lovingly) made fun of due to my obsession with all things accessory- and fashion-related. As such, I’m naturally inclined to push for more fashion stories in the magazine. (I’m usually overruled.)

So, anyway, in jest, I said, “Purses.” First, I was met with silence. Then, shockingly, Sherri said, “Fine. You write it.” Fast-forward a few days, and here I am, penning the Editor’s Note. (In case you’re wondering, I still haven’t received the $5.)

Lucky for me, though, this is actually the perfect issue for me to be writing it, because on page 16 we have a fashion-themed story about purses (yay!)
-- and shoes and belts and jewelry -- all in this summer’s hot trend of bold, bright colors.

An added bonus: The pieces are not only the perfect way to punch up your summer look but also perfect gift ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Alas, if you don’t share my passion (read: addiction) for all things fashion, no need to panic. We have lots of other great articles to keep you entertained, including stories about where the Volkswagen Beetle goes when it’s ready to retire, what it’s like to play polo for the very first time , chocolate that calms the mind, wild and wacky cruises for every personality, and the best outlet shopping in Europe.

Okay, okay, I snuck that last one in there. But I couldn’t help myself. After all, we’re talking high-dollar designer fashion at a fraction of the original cost! Surely no one in their right mind would turn that down. And, after reading the story, you’ll see how freelance writer Becca Hensley (a kindred spirit who shares my fashion addiction) won her best friend over to the shopping dark side. Who knows, you might be next. Or not.

Regardless, I do have one request, now that I have a chance to address you personally. In a never-ending quest to feed my obsession and have more fashion stories in the pages of American Way, I’d like to hear from you, the readers, if this is something you’d like as well. (Or, let us know about any story topics you’d like to see more of. After all, we’re here for you.)

So, please share your thoughts with us at editor@americanwaymag.com. Until then, you probably won’t be hearing from me again anytime soon
-- unless Sherri runs out of ideas and lets me do a column about lip gloss.

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Anna Fialho
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