Juggling a successful career on the road and a happy family at home takes some know-how. Here's how some of our Road Warrior contestants manage to do both, and do them well.
The importance of family, and the extra effort it takes to be a good parent when your job takes you away from home - this recurring theme peppered the entries of thousands of our most seasoned Road Warriors. So much so that we wanted to share with you some of their most profound and revealing thoughts, tips, and tales.

Quality Time
"Many people can't understand how I can travel and be away from home as much as I am. I usually tell them that I probably spend more quality time with my family now than I did be-
fore I started traveling because I know how valuable my time with them is and I try not to put them off until
- Michael Whitaker, Omaha, Nebraska

"Travel … allows me a little extra time to think about personal and family matters - things I need to do for and/or with my wife and kids, and things I want to do with them."
- Paul Herring, Dallas, Texas

"I am a working mother and have been for all my children's lives (they are now 11 and 14). I like to travel to bathe when I want, eat what I want, watch shows that I want, read when I want. I spend all my non-work time with my children, and it's great to run away for a small part of the time."
- Denise Barlock, Raleigh, North Carolina

What's Your Day Job?
"When my son was in kindergarten, the teacher asked everyone what their parents did. My son said, 'My dad does all the traveling for IBM.' That's what he thought my job was."
- Keith Bright, Cedar Park, Texas