"One of my favorite things about Austin is the radio station KFAN. It comes out of Fredericksburg, but you can get it in Austin. It's this sort of homespun, neighborly station that plays really great eclectic music. I've been a lot of places in the country and it is, without a doubt, my favorite radio station. They play Robert Earl Keen, independent songwriters, just everybody. You get a real sense of Texas tradition from this station. When you turn on the radio in Texas, it's just Texas, Texas, Texas. It's definitely its own country. And KFAN gives you a real sense of terrifically rooted music."

"Everybody runs in Zilker Park. You might see [former governor] Ann Richards or Willie Nelson, and it's just real casual. There's rock climbing in the park, down by the river. Then there's Barton Springs Pool, where you can do four laps and do a mile. The water pretty much stays at 68 degrees all year round."

"There's a little town called Comfort in the Hill Country, not all that far from Austin. It has a main street, about two blocks long, that's just beautiful. Beautiful stores, great antiquing. There's a restaurant called Mimi's Cafe there. It's home cooking. We go there for lunch almost every Saturday. It's cozy and sometimes fiddle players come in and play. It's just part of the Texas experience. And I've never had a bad burger in Texas. We cook our own ranch meat, and that's usually the best. But in Austin, Z' Tejas Southwestern Grill has a really great burger."

"Fredericksburg is sensational for home furnishings. The main shopping place is Homestead. They have wonderful fabrics and great, great things for the home. Little architectural pieces for the garden. It's pretty terrific, but in terms of quality you'll find even better antiques at The Comfort Common. The people who own it, Jim Lord and Bobby Dent, are constantly going on buying trips all over the country. They bring all these treasures back. They're very connected throughout the South, in Southern furniture, some Texana, and pottery. And they're honest, not pricing where you're paying way more than something's worth. If anything, compared to other people, they under price."

"When my husband was a kid, he used to keep a picture of the Texas State Capitol Building. He had no interest in Texas, but he was fascinated by the building. He would look at the picture every day and stare and stare at it. He forgot about it until we ended up moving to Texas and went to Austin for the first time. There was a huge connection for him. I think it's golden and beautiful, just this wonderful, stately building. On top there's the goddess, holding a star. I haven't gone inside and investigated it. I always just like looking at it from a distance."