Walk through rows of grapevines, barrel taste your latest vintage, gather around the harvest table- these are the things vineyard dreams are made of. Here are five couples who made such dreams reality.
There may be no more intoxicating dream than that of chucking the 9-to-5 lifestyle to start your own winery - growing the grapes, making the wine, and leaving your mark on the world with the drink of love and joy. But is the dream feasible? Is it possible to turn a passion for wine into a self-sustaining family-run business? And is it possible to sustain a marriage at the same time?

The five couples profiled here took the plunge, abandoned their corporate jobs, and built new wineries and lives together. There was no blueprint. They came to their new careers with wildly differing backgrounds and goals. They followed few rules, other than the rule that the winery be profitable enough to support them. And they each succeeded on their own terms, occasionally stumbling but ultimately winning accolades from consumers and critics for handcrafted wines that express both the makers' personalities and that of the land.

Spicewood Vineyards Texas Hill Country, Texas