Even at rest in Arizona, Terry Bradshaw is probably working.
I moved to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for the weather, and also its convenience to Los Angeles, where we do Fox NFL Sunday. Some weeks I'll stay out there the whole week during football season, and I can play golf and study. It's quiet and peaceful, and then I can still get on a plane and be in L.A. in an hour.

When he does relax at home, he kicks back in an abode he calls"freaking gorgeous." Let's visit the crib.
The house is cool. It has huge bedrooms and a huge kitchen. It moves in an arc, so you don't have to open any doors. There are seven exits out of the house. There's a veranda on the outside, and it has a 30-foot overhang from the roof. So you can sit out there and enjoy the mountains without getting in the sun. I've got an acre and a half of desert, about three-quarters of which you give back to keep the snakes and everything alive. It really is a beautiful desert home.

With a place like that, when he's home, he wants to stay home.
If I have a place somewhere, I don't tend to sightsee. I do enough traveling and sightseeing. I go out to Phoenix/Scottsdale with the purpose of resting and playing golf. But I do know that I want to go to the Grand Canyon, and I'm not that far away. And Camel­back Mountain is right there for hiking. There are also a bunch of horse-training facilities that I'm going to visit, because I love those places.

He apparently also really loves island-inspired attire.
There's a Tommy Bahama shirt place right by where I eat sushi, and there are great, huge malls nearby. The area is a great place if you want to shop. All of that stuff is within a few minutes of my house, and yet I'm bas­ically out in the middle of nowhere.

This may come as a surprise, but for a guy labeled "dumb" during his playing days, Bradshaw can wax more like Thoreau than Butkus about his new home.
I love Arizona because there's a beauty about the desert. There's tranquility. If you live by an ocean or on the plains of Kansas or Oklahoma, or the lakes of Minnesota or Wisconsin, there's a beauty in that, too. But the desert has its own particular beauty. It's captivating. I love Hawaii, too, and I tell the people who live there, "Look at this. You don't even pay attention to how beautiful it is here." When I'm in Arizona, I love to sit out by my pool and watch the sun go down and the colors change over the mountain. I don't take it for granted.

But you can't always grill up pork chops from Safeway. Sometimes you've got to let someone else do the cooking.
I don't go out much if I'm there by myself, which is a lot of the time. But when I'm not, I like RA Sushi, which is near my place. And Fox Sports Grill is awesome. Seriously, I'm not just saying that. The food is really great. There's also a steak place I like. They've got one in California, too. It's called … um … Howie! Howie! Howie! What's the name of that steak place we go to in Beverly Hills?

Howie knows. It's called Mastro's.
Yeah, right. Mastro's. They've got one in my area, too. I've been there six or seven times. They have the best steak.

For imbibing, though, he's not your man.
I can't give you any bars, because I just don't make them much. It's a bad scene. The only one I know is this Mexican bar that's maybe half a mile from my place where the girls get up on the bar and dance on Friday and Saturday nights. I've been there twice. But, yeah, it's good. I just can't remember the name of it.