Sounds delectable. But we don't want to drink on an empty stomach. Where do we head for delicious grub? Depending on who is coming with me, there are two great options: Vetri, which is near the Rittenhouse Square area, for a small and intimate dinner where you feel like the chef and staff are taking specific care of just you. Or the Barclay Prime steak house, which is a great local favorite. The food is fantastic, the atmosphere is perfect, and it is everything you would expect from a hip steak house in an old-time American city. Vetri does the best gnocchi I've ever had. It's light, fluffy, and delicious, and you can combine it with different sauces. And at Barclay Prime, I get a rib eye - medium rare - and whipped mashed potatoes, with a nice Bordeaux.

You were named "Most Likely to Be a Solid ­Gold Dancer" in high school. Any good spots to get your groove on? Well, Philadelphia primarily has a lounge and hip-hop scene, but there are a few really great dance scenes. The best is a Saturday-night party that's thrown all summer, called Mojito, and hosted by Tommy Up. The party is in the courtyard of an office skyscraper in Commerce Square with a huge fountain, great live house music, and guest DJs like the now world-famous King Britt and Josh Wink. A small restaurant, Marathon Grill, supports the party. It's a great time and a great crowd. For more good nightlife, I would also try Fork or Bar Noir or Alma de Cuba.

But since Philly is such a comfortable city for you, you could always stay at home with a book. Maybe even your new memoir, Burnt Toast. What was the inspiration behind writing the book? When I was on the Barbara Walters special post-Oscars show last year, I mentioned the phrase burnt toast to her, and how my mom thought she was doing the best thing by giving her all to my dad and me, but she actually, in a backhanded way, taught me that I didn't deserve the best. I've felt guilt about striving for the best ever since then. Turning 40 allowed me an opportunity to reassess how I treat myself and ask a big question about how I want to do it for yet another decade. Well, when I said that, Barbara's producers were all in the background and began saying, "Oh my, that's me, that's how I am." So we knew I had a relatable idea. As I began working on it, it just became broader and ultimately turned into what I hope is a fun and enlightening insight into me as well as women in general.

What exactly is burnt toast? Burnt toast is a syndrome that I think most women can relate to, in that, we, as wives and mothers, tend to give the best away and have trouble taking care of ourselves, putting ourselves first - which we deservedly need to do at least some of the time.

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day gift. You don't have to be on the cover of People to understand that juggling act. I think that is so true. The book tells the story of my successes and my struggles with happiness and self-acceptance. But mostly, I wanted to encourage other women, as I encourage myself, to not eat the burnt toast anymore. Even metaphorically, to understand that a woman, a mother, doesn't always have to put herself last and can, without guilt, choose good things in life for herself.