So how do you have it? With or without? I go for the "Whiz pizza with or without" at Pat's. Which, translated, is a cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz, tomato sauce, and with or without fried onions. I get mine without fried onions.

Wow, my stomach hurts just hearing about it. I promise you that sandwich will change your life. I love to eat, and I think visiting different cities is completely defined by where and what you eat. I've taken my daughter all over this country, and one of my favorite things was a book I used on a road trip, called Eat Your Way Across the U.S.A. It allowed me a peek into diners where [the locals eat]. By seeing this, you understand our diversity, and hopefully that understanding brings tolerance. I think that is what travel can bring you.

So, clearly, after inhaling a cheesesteak, we now need to get the blood flowing and burn off a few calories. What's up for the afternoon? An interesting place, one of my favorites, is Independence National Historic Park. It's where the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Graff House, where Thomas Jefferson lived and the Declaration of Independence was written, are located. It's an amazing part of our country's history. It is so good to be able to see and feel this history. To understand and remind ourselves what America is and what we want it to be. To remember the passion that people had hundreds of years ago to create this country and to use that passion to fight for what you personally believe in. Also, if it's nice outside, a trip to Valley Forge, where Washington's troops camped, is always fun.

After such a good history lesson, I think it's time to refresh and relax. What hotel is fit for the founding fathers and television stars? I'd head to the Ritz-Carlton. They have amazing rooms, and the service can't be beat. And after a quick nap - hopefully - we'd head back out to kick off the evening.

And where would we do that? You're a former Bond girl, so I'd venture a guess that we'd have to start off with a good martini. Yes, I'd kick off the evening with a delicious martini at the Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar in Old City. They have the biggest martini menu anywhere in the city. I've also enjoyed having cocktails with friends at Marmont and at 32 Degrees, where they have ice cubes that light up. It makes the drink a novelty, but it's still a fun and adult evening out.

So what's your favorite drink? Oh, a pomegranate margarita or a grapefruit martini.