According to Teri Hatcher, Philadelphia has everything you need.

Let's be very clear: Teri Hatcher is not, nor will she ever be, desperate. With an unstoppable show, a beautiful daughter (Emerson, eight), and a smart new memoir (Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life), this former Love Boat dancer, Bond girl, and Lois Lane is, in fact, the opposite of desperate. She is living the very, very good life. When enjoying her success, there's no place she'd rather do it than Philadelphia, where she hunkers down several times a year to visit extended family. Here's Hatcher's perfect day in Philly, which includes cheesesteaks (of course), a little piece of history, and a martini bar of which even James Bond would approve.

Okay, first up: I'm famished. Where are we headed? The best way to start your day in Philly is to wake up early and get an amazing breakfast down on Ninth Street at the Italian Market. It's over 100 years old and very warm and inviting, and it's also fun and low-key. You can get some of the best espresso, cappuccinos, and Italian pastries you've ever tasted. The street is packed with a remarkable selection of bakeries and cafés. Oh, and they have yummy egg frittatas too.

Excellent. Armed with a good double-espresso, we're set to give the credit card a bit of a workout, right? Yes. I like to wander around for some girl time, shopping at Rittenhouse Row along Walnut Street. They seem to have all the stores a gal could ever want. Although I'm not typically a big shopper, when you're on vacation, it can be fun, and there are plenty of classics in the area. Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Third Street Habit, which has hip, contemporary clothes. And of course I love to indulge in a little chocolate treat for myself from Godiva. Best of all, I found out on my first shopping excursion that there is no sales tax. So, of course, I would encourage anyone to spend more to make up for what you would have paid in sales tax.

Is your style more like Susan from Desperate Housewives or glitzy, like the pictures we see in In Style? It's very much in the moment; I find that I am a chameleon. There are days when I dress like Susan - taking my daughter to school and baking for the school fund-raiser of the moment - and then there are nights where I have fun glamming it up and feeling like a princess, like at the Golden Globe Awards.

Is Philly really the City of Brotherly Love?
Well, let me just say that for some reason, everyone I meet from Philly is fabulous. I'll meet a new friend and be talking at a party for a while, and, inevitably, when I ask where they are from, it's Philly. So that's a reason to go there in itself. Nice, creative, passionate, real folk. They're always a pleasure, really.

After we've shopped our hearts out, we have to refuel. Which can mean only one thing …
Yes, lunch in Philly is easy. There is only one thing you should do: get a cheesesteak at either Pat's or Geno's. I learned fast how to "correctly" order a cheesesteak. You will really sound like you are in the know if you add this tagline to your order: "I'll have it with" or "I'll have it without."