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As far as movie mischief is concerned, one is the loneliest number. Just ask Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle or that guy stuck between a rock and a hard place in 127 Hours. Decorated film critic Leonard Maltin, whose favorite buddy movie is the Charles Grodin/Robert De Niro action-comedy Midnight Run, says, “Pairing up characters allows a filmmaker to bounce ideas back and forth, revealing comedic contrasts.” He adds that when films increase the number of protagonists, they “increase the possibility that every audience member will find one character with whom they can identify.” As ultimate ensemble flick The Hangover Part II hits theaters, we take a by-the-numbers look back at some other memorable movie teams.

2 > Laurel and Hardy, Thelma & Louise(A), Turner & Hooch, The Blues Brothers
3 > The Three Stooges, We’re No Angels, ¡Three Amigos! (B)
4 > Marx Brothers (Zeppo-era), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The A-Team
5 > The Breakfast Club (C)  , The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs
6 > Watchmen
7 > The Magnificent Seven (D)  , St. Elmo’s Fire
8 > The Big Chill (E)
9 > The Expendables
10 > Love Actually
11 > Ocean’s Eleven
12 > The Dirty Dozen, 12 Angry Men (F)