That’s the percentage of business travelers who said a cellphone charger is the item they’re most likely to forget when they head out of town. Another 21 percent listed a razor; 19 percent said toothpaste. And we’re sure there was something else, but we can’t remember what it was.

A Sweet Deal
No more searching for WiFi hot spots or plunking down a (refundable) deposit to use the hotel’s wireless network access card. The very portable Sweet Spot, from Sweet Spot Solutions and Pronto Networks, sniffs out hot spots and carries all your log-in data for quick access (stolen keys can be canceled with a call to Sweet Spot Solutions). Some hotels are even rebranding the key and handing it out to business travelers as a perk for staying at their properties. To be the first at your office to get one, call (877) 793-3807 or log on to www.sweetspotsolutions.com.

Let’s Get Real
What is reality? According to Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, the answer is not just the stuff of sophomore philosophy classes; it’s bottom-line vital for survival in business. In Confronting Reality: Doing What Matters to Get Things Right (Crown Publishing Group), the authors argue that many companies — not to mention entire industries — are lost in self-perpetuating illusion, unable to capitalize on their strengths or cut their losses and back out of blind alleys. Drawing examples from well-known enterprises (G.E., Cisco Systems, 3M, Home Depot), Confronting Reality offers a useful model for sticking to what works and avoiding seductive but unrealistic ideas.