Three years ago, a Swedish farmer meticulously harvested 17 pounds of Solist Virgin New Potatoes; today, that crop has become Karlsson’s latest vintage batch of handcrafted vodka. The rich and fertile soils of Cape Bjäre in Sweden helped produce 1,980 bottles of KARLSSON’S VODKA BATCH 2009, released just two months ago. The small-batch, handcrafted Swedish potato vodka is Karlsson’s third commercially available vodka — and each bottle was numbered and then personally signed off on by master blender Börje Karlsson. The company’s vodkas are renowned for their unique taste, which is derived from the quality and quantity of raw ingredients used to make them. The 2009 batch features only young Solist New Virgin Potatoes, which have a lovely thin, yellow skin and a distinctively delicate taste; they’re also considered a Swedish delicacy. It’s the finely preserved smooth and subtle essence of this potato that makes this batch of unfiltered premium vodka so intrin­sically flavorful.