Hayabusa! It's so much fun to say, it hardly matters what it means (it's Japanese for peregrine falcon, if you must know). If sky diving, big wave surfing, and riding on the wings of fighter jets no longer rouse your adrenal glands, grab a fistful of Hayabusa throttle. Assuming you don't get spit off the back, it'll take all of 10 seconds to cover 1/4-mile, at which point you'll be traveling, oh, about 140 mph. Keep that throttle pegged, and you'll hit nearly 190 mph before the machine (or the law) clips your wings. Still, the real marvel of the Hayabusa is its remarkable civility in real-world conditions. Whether idling down to the coffee shop, cruising on a moonlit night, or serving crow to a Ferrari, it maintains its confidence-inspiring poise.

Harley-Davidson FXSTD/FXSTDT
Softail Deuce
www.harley-davidson.com; (414) 343-4680

Harley-Davidson has always been about style and attitude. LOTS of style and attitude. But some riders argue that these elements have remained largely untempered by practical considerations such as performance and overall rideability. Not so with the Softail Deuce, which offers a level of refinement not normally associated with the famed Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer. The Deuce is the thinking man's Harley; a bike that goes, stops, and turns as well as it looks. It's a big bike - 645 pounds - that magically loses 100 pounds as soon as it pulls away from the stoplight.

Ducati Monster S4
www.ducatiusa.com; (973) 839-2600