Fast Growth: How to Attain It, How to Sustain It
By Laurence Weinzimmer PhD; Dearborn Trade, $25

There’s no one secret to growing a business — there are many, says Laurence Weinzimmer, and you must master them all to expand your company happily and healthily. Drawing from a decade of research, Wein-zimmer concludes that expanding companies use three catalysts for growth. One is tied to markets, one to organizational capabilities, and a third to strategy. After explaining each, Weinzimmer shows how to use and balance them all. An engaging read for a business manual, Fast Growth is a rapid ride to a destination worth visiting.

Pride Before The Fall: The Trials of Bill Gates and the End of the Microsoft Era By John Heilemann; HarperCollins, $25
Wired reporter John Heilemann gives us Bill Gates crying, Silicon Valley conspirators rejoicing, and many more under-the-covers reports about Microsoft’s celebrated antitrust case.

What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up? Starting the Next Chapter of Your Life By Dorothy Cantor with Andrea Thompson; Little, Brown and Company, $22.95
Psychologist Dorothy Cantor’s guide to second careers shows how to hit rewind at a time in life when previous generations thought only of winding down.