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James Minchin III

Slide guitar virtuoso Derek Trucks and blues maven Susan Tedeschi had successful careers before they met (and eventually married in 2001). But their familial and musical bond has now led to their first joint recording project and tour. The new partnership, known as the Tedeschi Trucks Band, releases their debut album, Revelator (Sony Masterworks, $13), this month. We asked them to give us the scoop on some of the songs.
Until You Remember
Tedeschi: “We were thinking about the characters from the book Love in the Time of Cholera — that yearning, almost to the point of madness.”
Simple Things
Trucks: “The hope [in this song] is that light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel and everything’s-OK mentality. We strive to make sure that the music we make is positive and uplifting.”
Bound for Glory
Tedeschi: “This was written by [vocalist] Mike Madison. [It’s about] when you’re in a dream state and you don’t want to wake up because you’re waiting for the climax.”
Midnight in Harlem
Trucks: “The beauty of having a band with this many gifted musicians is you want to hear what they come up with. Kofi [Burbridge, keyboards] played such beautiful, memorable lines.”

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