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We admit that upon first glance, this watch might appear, well, large. Okay, maybe really large would be a more appropriate way of putting it, and that can be a little daunting, we agree. But, then we took another gander at this nifty little (massive) Timex watch, and, lo and behold, there’s actually a reason for its size (as opposed to all those other watches out there that cover half your arm for no other reason than that they’re begging to be noticed). Not so for the new Timex Expedition WS4. It has purpose, it has meaning -- it has substance. Oh, and it has a wide-screen display that shows you four different readings simultaneously: time, weather, altitude, and barometric pressure. In other words, next time you’re clinging to the side of a mountain for dear life and you need to check the time midclimb -- or the weather, because, you know, it seems as good a time as any (hey, we don’t judge) -- you won’t have to let go to mash some button and switch screens to that setting. Nifty, right? Additionally, if you happen to find yourself clinging to said cliff in the middle of the night, you can make use of the Indiglo backlight (note, you will need a free hand for this move) to read your settings. The Indiglo’s also bright enough for that search-and-rescue team to find you when you get stuck. Other features include a chronograph, an alarm/ timer, and a compass. So, whether you’re just a fan of Survivorman or you are Survivorman himself (you know, he could probably use one of these things; maybe we should send him one), this is definitely the coolest-yet-functional outdoor/ adventure watch to hit the market in ages. Available in five colors, $200. www.timexexpedition.com