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If anyone knows the Super Bowl, it’s former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, a three-time winner at the Big Show and MVP of the 1993 game. Now an analyst for Fox Sports, the future Hall of Famer will work SB XXXIX on February 6 with broadcast buds Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth. In honor of the big event, American Way sat down with the sports legend to get his take on all things Bowl-related.

How did you deal with the hype and pressure of the Super Bowl?
I tried to make the work week as normal as possible. I’d watch game films, then go to my hotel and order room service. I just tried not to think about the enormity of the game.

Is there a “model” for a Super Bowl team, a list of must-have ingredients?
No certainties, but as a general rule you’ve got to be pretty explosive offensively to win a world championship. Defensive teams can keep you in the game, but you’d better put up some points.

Does parity rule the NFL? If so, what does that mean for the Super Bowl?
There’s just not as much difference between the bottom and the top teams now. So there are no guarantees that any certain team will make the Super Bowl.

Are you nervous about broadcasting your first Super Bowl?
No. We’ve known for three years we were going to do this game. It’s not like the players. Nobody tells them in August who’s going to win.

How do you evaluate your broadcast team?
We’re three very different personalities. A play will happen, and Cris will see something that’s 99 percent different from what I saw. The viewers get to hear all points of view.
— Chris Tucker