If We Could Plan Our Own Bowl
The Rose Bowl is swell. The Sugar Bowl is sweet. But what four games would we really like to see?

The Tidy Bowl
Loser has to clean the winner's locker room.

The Halftime-Performers Bowl
Bono drops back, finds Britney in the end zone …

The CEO vs. Employees Bowl
Let's see who's really worth their salary.

The Pete Rose Bowl
In which players are allowed to wager on the outcome.

The Cereal Bowl
Featuring everyone who has ever been pictured on a Wheaties box.

And Going into the Break
No matter how entertaining halftime shows are, here are four things you can do instead (switching to the lingerie bowl isn't one of them).

1. Five hundred sit-ups. Time to start burning off all those chips you're eating.
2. Watch the first half of the game on TiVo (sans commercials). You can watch it twice before the second half begins.
3. Mow the lawn. To burn off those chips you're going to eat during the second half.
4. Start working on your taxes. Hey, April 15 isn't so far away.

Pull Up a Chair
Just because you didn't get Super Bowl tickets doesn't mean you can't have a great seat. Here are but a few suggestions on where you could watch the game. - Josh Sens

Lucky Strike Lanes, Chicago(312) 245-8331
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Watch the Bowl while you bowl, thanks to high-res screens that are mounted at the end of each lane. If you prefer to focus just on football, settle down in Lucky Strike's expansive sports lounge instead.

Cheers, Boston(617) 227-9605