When high rollers get down, Miami-based events planner Barton G. Weiss usually gets the call. In addition to galas for celebrities and socialites, his $30 million company, Barton G. Weiss, choreographs big-bucks bashes for Fortune 500 sponsors of the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open, and other major sporting events.

AW: You’ve been called an “events visionary.” What’s your mission?
We bring our client’s product to an entertainment atmosphere. That’s what these events are all about. You entertain, but subliminally, you’re giving the client’s sales pitch.

AW: How do these visions start?
With a background check on the company. Who is the client? What’s their product and how are they perceived by the general public?

AW: Your company motto — “Never Repeat” — must make for a lot of pressure.
That’s why I have bags under my eyes. But it’s like fashion. Events are fashion, food is fashion, and every year, I come out with my new spring line.

AW: What’s on your plate lately?
We’re doing the Federal Express Orange Bowl and an off-site simulcast event for the Super Bowl. And we’re already working on the U.S. Senior Open for next June.

AW: Do you hang out at the parties you create?
No. I make sure it’s executed according to my concept, and then I’m gone. I’m on to the next one.