Pierce manages to weather the first 30 minutes of Gethard’s improvised barrage without giggling but cracks when the comedian goes old-school anime on him, asking, “Who do you think would win in a fight between you and Voltron?” The entire set explodes when Pierce finally does.

After they have been given a few minutes to recharge their batteries between takes, Pierce reverts to his affable self and Gethard morphs into -- what else? -- an NBA fan thrilled to be in the presence of an elite jock. After some cursory banter about the Boston Red Sox, Gethard’s inquisitive side kicks in. “Hey, Paul, is Gilbert [Arenas] as crazy as they say he is?” he asks. Pierce practically chokes on his chicken-salad sandwich. “I don’t really know Gilbert too well,” he replies diplomatically.

And then, just as easily as he snapped out of it, Gethard slides back into character, commencing the next filmed volley with, “Paul Pierce is a better man than my father. … He’s got really great teeth. I think he has an extra incisor. … I think he has a lot of things that other men don’t.” Breen and Scott bust the take by dissolving into laughter.

Later, after filming a “cuddle shot” (which, apparently, is a technical term) with the NBA title trophy in the outdoor RV, Pierce beams when commended on his performance. He adds, however, that “it’s not all performing. I’ve seen fans like that for real. I just try to be polite.”