You’ll find a fast friend in this flexible, super-slim, 15-inch display. For starters, there’s a 300-to-1 contrast ratio, which makes for bright, crisp images. There’s no annoying screen flicker. And the built-in speakers and side-to-side swivel make presentations a snap. The big bonus: ViewSonic’s zero-touch auto-tuning self-corrects for things you can’t, such as video card drift and off-timing. (800) 888-8583
SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 570vTFT ($499, after $50 rebate)
“Save” is the operative word here, as this petite panel takes up only one-third the desk space of a traditional CRT monitor and uses only one-third of the power. Where the 570v doesn’t scrimp, though, is on versatility. You can work from a desktop or wall mount, with your choice of peripheral support: The self-powered USB hub sports five ports amenable to some 127 types of add-ons. (800) 726-7864
EIZO FLEXSCAN L675 ($2,769)
This feature-rich gem arrives with an LCD that’s at once big (18.1 inches) and thin: The bezel is a mere 19 mm. Crave super-huge, streaming video of CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo? Just hook two or four of these panels into a multihead video card, and you’ll even be able to see the stock ticker from across the room. The L675 also plays nicely solo, swiveling from portrait to landscape and front to back for show-and-tell sessions. Add a $109 stereo sound unit for bigger presentations. (800) 800-5202