If sci-fi is your thing, this month’s DVD releases are perfect for viewing on that new portable player you got for the holidays. On March 5, last summer’s much-buzzed-about A.I. Artificial Intelligence hits the stores. The movie was shrouded in mystery, starting with the death of director Stanley Kubrick (who had been working on the project for years) and intensified with the gag order that replacement director Steven Spielberg placed on the project. While A.I. might come up short when comparing it to past films by these directors, taken on its own, the film is an intelligent and sensitive look at human emotions in their rawest form.

Looking for something a little lighter? Spielberg’s classic E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial also will be released this month. The original 1982 version has received some tweaking, including the changing of the one thing Spielberg claimed he would have done differently: Instead of the police carrying guns while chasing E.T., thanks to the wonder of digital imaging, they are now carrying walkie-talkies (children around the world can breathe a sigh of relief).