Business travel and long hours at the office aren’t only tough on suitcases and your diet; they can interfere with family life. Here are some real-life ideas for keeping spouses and children from feeling neglected when the workload gets overwhelming.

Traveling companions
Frequent flier Steven Rothberg, president and founder of College, takes his kids along. Every year, each one of his three kids — ages 7, 5, and 2 — goes

along on one of his business trips, usually speaking engagements at conferences.
During the speech, he hires a sitter or friend to baby-sit, but the rest of the time is one-on-one time with Daddy.

Monthly meetings
Mimi Doe, author of Busy but Balanced: Practical and In-
spirational Ways to Create a Calmer, Closer Family (St. Martin’s Press), suggests designating a monthly “Family Night” to rent a movie, pop some popcorn, and just be together.
Postcards and pancakes Steve Waterhouse has made a science out of quality family time. When his two children were younger, he sent them postcards when he was away on business trips. “When I got home, we would discuss the destination. They looked forward to my going somewhere new and hearing about it,” he says. Now, along with letting the family decide how to spend frequent flier miles, he also offers his children a unique way to get his undivided attention when he’s not on the road. Waterhouse encourages them to “book” breakfast with him. Anyone for pancakes, eggs, and a heart-to-heart?