New Yorker and admitted workout fiend Sharon Klahr is one of 15 million people in the U.S. who regularly practice yoga. But like many busy people, the 31-year-old writer doesn’t always have time for a class.

That’s just what Stephen Viens hopes. Viens is the president of Vn Industries and the mastermind behind a series of CD-ROMs called Yoga at Your Desk ( Each of the three CDs feature a movie-like, 20-minute yoga workout in serene, meditative vacation spots such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and Bali. The first installment for beginners is available now for $19.95, with two more advanced CDs slated for February and May releases. “People used to see yoga as some granola-crunching Care Bear thing. But now they’re realizing it’s a viable form of exercise,” Viens says.

Klahr tested the Oasis workout, which modifies the usual yoga poses to incorporate a desk chair. “The whole thing about yoga, if you think about it, is that it’s really about breathing and stretching properly — and this does that. The form is good, the music is soothing, and the instructor voiceover is really good,” she says. “I still think yoga from a computer is a little odd, but if you’re looking for a yoga fix, this really works.”

And for those office workers trying out the routine at lunch: Don’t forget to shut the door. Your officemates will never look at you the same way after they see you in Full Warrior pose.