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Twenty-five years ago this month, the classic tale of boyhood friendship Stand by Me was released. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Rob Reiner remembers working with literary maestro Stephen King on the deeply personal film, which was based on King’s short story “The Body.”

“I remember the first time I met Stephen. I was so nervous; I was such a fan. I stuck out my hand to say ‘nice to meet you,’ and he put a rubber rat in my hand. That immediately broke the ice. Telling this story was a privilege I took very, very seriously. I knew how important it was to him — that it was really based on stuff that had happened to him in his childhood. The first time I showed the movie to him, I was nervous all over again. The lights came up, and he said, ‘I’ve got to go away for a while.’ He left, very emotional, and came back a while later and said, ‘That was the best movie of one of my books. Ever.’ I was so moved. Then he added — and this is Stephen for you — ‘Of course, that’s not saying much!’ ”