We have cosmetic kits for all!

HIS (left set)
Actually, men might prefer a more masculine term, so let’s just call them grooming products, packaged in a convenient carrying case. The kits are from skin-product king Stephen Keyes, and they’re designed to help you look alert, even after an all-nighter at the office or a transatlantic flight. Products in the kit help you put your best face forward by eliminating dark circles under your eyes and reducing irritation after you shave. $65. www.stephenkeyesnyc.com

HERS (right set)
Keyes has kits for her as well. They’re designed for working women who want to look stylish while on the go. They include products such as Mineral Bronzer, which gives the skin a light, sun-kissed look; Automatic Lip Duo, a creamy, moisturizing lipstick; and Original Mascara, which separates and darkens lashes without clumping. $65. www.stephenkeyesnyc.com
— Josh Sens