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Suncrest Gardens Farm; Cochrane, Wis.
Carrying picnic blankets, camping chairs, wine and utensils, hungry patrons pour onto this working family farm Thursday and Friday evenings throughout summer for fresh-from-the-oven, wood-fired pizzas topped with homegrown items like carrots, onions and summer squash (it’s about as literal an interpretation of farm-to-table as you can get). Gluten-free pies are available, as are beer and soda. S2257 Yaeger Valley Rd., (608) 626-2122, www.suncrestgardensfarm.com

Grow Your Own Pizza

Ready to make your own farm-to-table pizza? Try these easy-to-grow ingredients.

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Spring Onions
Best grown in a sheltered, sunny spot with moist soil. Can be harvested eight to 12 weeks after planting.

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Prefers cool temperatures, sunlight and well-drained soil. Ideal planting time is spring and fall; seeds for the next season can be harvested from the plant once it flowers.

Snap Peas
A legume best grown in cool weather and full sunlight; pick as soon as peas are plump in the pod, as waiting too long can result in starchy flavors.

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Grow in sunny conditions, with lightly moist soil; pinch back flower buds to promote growth and to keep the plant producing leaves.

They love direct sunlight and plenty of water. Use rich, well-drained soil.